So what is Scene of the Cybercrime anyways?

This blog, Scene of the Cybercrime, is home to my “investigative reports” and comments on the biggest, dirtiest and most interesting cybercrimes in history. For years I’ve been following cybercrime simply as a hobby of mine because I find it so intriguing. Now I’ve decided to blog about it and share my perspective with the world. Cybercrime is fascinating. Think about it – there’s an entire world on the other side of your computer screen, an imperfect world where crime is just as common as it is in real life.

We live in one of the most interesting times in human history. I can talk face to face with my friend living on the other side of the planet through my handheld supercomputer while simultaneously sending a typed message to my cousin in California. It’s futuristic. It’s uncensoredIt’s beautiful. 

Join me as we dive into some extraordinary cases of cybercrime. I’ll be posting interesting stories on phishing, identity theft, hacking, cyberterrorism, and much more. Some days I’ll comment on current events concerning the latest cybercrimes and others we’ll go back in time and examine historic cybercrimes that shaped the future of Internet as we know it.

Stay tuned, and thank you for visiting.

– M

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