Still on the FBI’s Wanted List

Years prior to the existence of a Russian Business Network, a small Internet Service Provider hosted in a neighborhood basement in Ohio earned the bad boy rep as the first black-hat hosting company. This ISP was an asylum for hackers and packet monkeys to attack an unsuspicious internet. Foonet hosted clients including Carder Planet — the staunch “carder forum” for credit card hackers — and its IRC (Internet Relay Chat) servers were home to where legendary German hacker Axel “Ago” Gembe managed his Agobot network of Windows boxes that he had gained control over.

Following two raids by the FBI, in 2004, Foonet’s founder and some of the staff were charged for this infamous DDoS-for-hire scheme that simultaneously shook and the Department of Homeland Security. To add the craziness of this case, the owner of Foonet, Saad Echouafni, missed out on $750,000 in order to escape the FBI. He still remains on the “wanted list” today.

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