Cyber Hacks: The Internet’s Biggest Crime

Instead of sharing a case of cybercrime, today I’d like to do something a little different and provide some advice on how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of cyber hacks. 

how to prevent cyber hacksDid you know more than 556 million people are victims of cybercrime every year? That’s 1.5 million victims a day and 18 victims per second. Recently, cybercrime surpassed drug trafficking as a criminal money-maker. It’s a hot topic in the news and can affect anyone. How can you protect yourself?

1. Monitor your credit card statements weekly and flag any questionable activity immediately. Credit card fraud is one of the most common cybercrimes.

2. Create strong passwords and change them every 90 days. Avoid using your name, birthdate or initials.

3. Check for secure wireless connections when working in public places like a coffee shop.

4. Keep an eye out for phishing emails, lock your laptop and read privacy policies when shopping online. Phishing is defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company.

5. Only share personal information on encrypted websites. Look for “https” at the beginning of the web address. For example, a website with a web address that looks like is not an encrypted website. But a web address such as will take you to a site that is encrypted.

6. Use identity protection software and services.

7. Request copies of your credit reports to monitor activity.

8. Copy important files onto a removable disc or external hard drive and store it in a safe place. If your computer is compromised, you still have access to your file.

Cyber hackers show no signs of stopping. But with help of the experts and these precautions, you can better protect your personal information with ease.

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